Yvonne Franke was born in 1971 in Arnsberg, Germany. She currently works in Dortmund. After graduating from high school and successfully completing a degree in economics, she rediscovered her passion for drawing and painting.

Yvonne Franke started painting in her earliest childhood, so basically since she was able to hold a pencil. From this early age onwards, her abilities have attracted the attention of a steadily increasing public and her expressive way of painting has been enchanting her followers ever since.



In her works, Yvonne Franke always expresses her inner world of thoughts
and emotions. The representation and capture of a distinctive moment in
her works are just as important to her as its expressive implementation of
setting and staging. The aim of her art is to provoke an emotional reaction
in the observer, allowing for a touching experience of self-discovery.


She has participated in group and solo exhibitions and has also supervised serveral workshops.

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